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Myth Fact
"You can't get ahead working at McDonald's® "

McDonald's® means opportunity. Many of our hourly employees have advanced to become restaurant managers, Owner/Operators, regional or divisional staff members, and corporate employees. In fact, 70% of restaurant managers, 33% of Owner/Operators and 50% of McDonald's corporate employment started as crew.

"McDonald's doesn't provide the training people need to advance professionally."

At McDonald's, we've trained one out of every 12 working Americans. McDonald's work experience teaches skills and values that last a lifetime. Employees gain skills that are required in many professional positions, including teamwork, customer service and leadership. As employees excel at McDonald's, they learn how to supervise others, communicate effectively, and manage finances. In fact, some restaurant managers and Owner/Operators have the potential to ultimately run multi-million dollar businesses.

"McDonald's jobs aren't flexible."

McDonald's works with other employees to develop schedules to fit their needs. The company is committed to responsible student employment, enabling employees to participate in extra-curricular activities and complete their studies while maintaining part-time jobs. In addition, working parents can choose from various shifts to fit their busy schedules. Senior employees may also request to work shifts they enjoy most.

"McDonald's doesn't pay special attention to its employees."

McDonald's People Promise, "We value you, your growth and your contributions," isn't just lip service. It's something the company lives by developing rewards and recognition programs for performance and achievement. From the Ray Kroc Awards for managers to the continuous review and enhancement of its compensation and benefits packages, McDonald's cares about our employees.

Muscle Shoals McDonald's

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